The Cathell Series by A.M. Rycroft

An epic dark fantasy series with unpredictable twists and characters you'll want to follow book after book.

Into the Darkness (Book 1)

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"A M Rycroft is a brilliant writer, and captivates her audience early on." -- Reader review

"Rycroft's tale was a joy to read and had all the elements of a great fantasy tale. I look forward to more[.]" -- Reader review

She didn’t set out to end the world.

Sell-sword Aeryn Ravane shut everyone out when her father died. A whisper in the dark pulls her back, promising an end to her torment if she captures the legendary sword sealed within the Black Caverns. Ending the curse that guards it, however, means unlocking the secrets of the past, some of which should stay buried.

Aeryn's quest turns into a fight for survival when she comes face-to-face with an ancient evil. She rescues a young thief pulled into the horrors and darkness spreading across Cathell. Keeping them alive and saving their world will take every bit of Aeryn's strength and wit. Will it be enough?

The Taming (Book 2)

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"This was my first dip into the Dark Fantasy genre and I must say I will be getting a copy of ‘Into the Darkness, by A.M. Rycroft.’" -- Reader review

"...a fast-paced, well-written novella that all but demands to be read in a single setting." - Bob Milne, book blogger

Boredom might be the death of her.

After you've killed a god, everything else feels ordinary. Until Thystle Moran finds a cryptic note shoved under her door. No signature, just a reference to a name from her past and a place to meet. She can't resist finding out who left the note.

The answer leads her on the hunt for a killer with a hatred for vampyre kind like her. Intrigue and betrayal dog her every step, threatening to keep her from finding the killer before the killer finds her first. This is one time her sword alone may not save her.

The Joy Thief (Book 3)


It’s hunting Eben’s children.

Aeryn Ravane and the young thief Theo Weldon barely survived The Harbinger’s reign of terror. They travel north to escape from their dark memories, but darkness enters their lives again in the city of Eben. A malevolent force has been feeding on the minds of children. It’s not long before it finds Theo.

Aeryn’s desperate search for answers leads her to a dark legend about an insatiable creature that no one believes is real. But is it truly just a myth? Aeryn races to find out the truth before Theo’s nightmares swallow her forever.



Shadowboxer (Book 4, Gathering Dark Pt. 1)

Summer 2017

They thought destroying The Harbinger was the end. It was just the beginning.

Thystle Moran gets an urgent summons from young cleric Colin Fane to return to Pius. Men in dark robes have been seen at night near "the pit", all that's left of The Harbinger's lair. No one believes him. Thystle doesn't either at first, until she comes face to face with them. It becomes a race against time to identify who these men are and what they want. What she discovers scares her in a way she never thought possible.

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